Why am I able to browse and download PDFs for some books in Bookshelf but not all?

Most of the books in Bookshelf are provided in collaboration with the books' publishers.

The publishers decide how they are going to make their contents accessible. Some publishers allow access through a book's Table of Contents (TOC) (example), while others do not. In such a case (example) the chapter titles will not be hyperlinked and you will not be able to browse the book (chapter by chapter). Rather, to access relevant information in the book, search the book using the Search this book box above the TOC (example).

Some publishers also provide a PDF version (downloadable format) of the entire publication (example) or of individual chapters/sections (example). If available, you will find links to the PDFs in the right column of a "classic view" page or under the gear icon on PubReader views.
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